30 June 2016
Spring clock Restoration and repairs
Not all my work is with longcase clocks. Here are examples of some recently repaired and restored spring clocks. Dates from 1790 to 1860 Click Here

23 February 2013
Clock Case Restoration
Although I have covered this issue before on the website, I thought it a good idea to show some further examples of recent work. If you would like an estimate for the restoration of your antique clock or case please get in touch. Click Here

8 February 2013
A nice and well proportioned Yorkshire 8 day painted dial longcase clock FOR SALE, made in the mid 19th century and signed Lyon of Bridlington. This is a pretty clock of nice proportions in a typical Yorkshire case, it has a nicely executed fox hunting scene in the dials arch top, the clock has been fully restored and serviced. Price £2950, including delivery and setup on main land UK, NOW SOLD. Click Here

17 August 2011
It is interesting to note that only 10 to 15 percent of clocks made in the mid 18th century survive today; so here is an opportunity to own an interesting and original example of a really nice Manchester made longcase clock from this period. This 8 day example with a brass dial and very crisp and fine engraving was made in circa 1760 and is an interesting piece of social history. The case has nice proportions and is of oak and has the original caddy top. James Sandiford, a clock maker of Manchester was born in 1725 and died in 1775 aged 50, he was baptised on the 1st of August 1725 at the Collegiate Church, Manchester, and he married there on the 4th August 1762, and was buried there on 12th April 1775. The clock is currently undergoing restoration, photos and further details on request. Priced at £5500 including delivery and set-up on mainland UK. Click Here NOW SOLD

17 April 2011
A selection of spring clocks
Although I do specialise in Longcase clocks I see quite a few spring clocks in the workshop for service & repairs and restoration work, here are a few recent examples. Click Here

27 February 2011
John Jefferys, London
John Jefferys, London, a watchmaker of considerable repute, but did he actually make longcase clocks? Here are some details of the restoration of a wonderful quality longcase clock signed by him and made in the 1740's. Click Here

22 July 2010
Thomas Harrison a Liverpool Clockmaker
Here we have a top quality Liverpool made Longcase clock from about 1775 that has been fully restored in our workshops. Click Here

3 January 2010
Lewis Thomas of Chester
Lewis Thomas of Chester, a very interesting maker, this fine 18th century longcase came into the workshop for repair and restoration work and you can see what was done (updated July 2010) Click Here

26 June 2009
Some recent longcase restorations
Here are some recent longcase clocks that have been through the workshop for restoration and repair work Click Here

26 June 2009
Peter Clare Manchester Clockmaker
A brass dial longacase clock by Peter Clare the well known Manchester Quaker clockmaker UPDATED Dec 2009 Click Here

23 April 2009
Archibald Coates a Clockmaker of Wigan
Moving a longcase clock yourself? Here is a nice brass dial that suffered damage to the movement and dial while being moved by the owner. Click Here

2 December 2008
A painted dilemma, James Sandiford Manchester
Here is a small piece written for the Horological Journal that describes a recent longcase clock restoration. Click Here

23 October 2008
A David Collier of Gatley
Here is another restoration of a Collier family longcase clock. This clock movement made in circa 1770 was found in a local loft clearance, although in a very poor condition it has several unusual features and so I decided to restore it in the hope that a nice 13" northern clock case would come to light, have you got one? Click Here

23 October 2008
The British Horological Institute
As a qualified restorer and member of the BHI I work to their code of practise, they have a new website and it is well worth a visit Click here

17 October 2008
That darn cat!
Some details of the repairs done to a Robert Todd, London, hoop and spike wall clock made about 1730 which was knocked from the wall by the American owners cat Click Here

6 July 2008
Does your clock case need some work? Here are some examples of recent repairs and restorations completed on an assortment of clock cases, I hope you will find them interesting, if you need some advice please contact me. Click Here

25 March 2008
Examples of dial restoration
Here are some examples of the restoration of long case clock dials. I get many long case clocks into my workshop for repairs and service work and it is always nice to see them working again and looking their best. A sympathetic restoration such as this adds real value to your clock Click Here

14 October 2007
Samuel Ashton & Peter Vigne
Here are details of two clocks that recently came through the workshop for repair and restoration work. A long Case clock by Samuel Ashton and a spring table clock by Peter Vigne of Bath. Both these clocks have unusual strike mechanisms Click Here

20 April 2007
Clocks Magazine
Click here, to visit the monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide

24 February 2007
Some Recent Clocks through the workshop
Here are some photos of a selection of long case clocks that have been through my workshop for repairs and restoration work. Click Here

13 February 2007
The Collier Family of Clockmakers
For those of you interested in the history of the Collier family of clockmakers from Gatley & Cheadle. Included is a family tree showing the clockmaking branch of the family that started in the early 18th century. Can I please thank Janice Tostevin a descendant of David & John Collier for her sterling job of research. If you have a Collier clock we are always interested in seeing some photos, UPDATED AUGUST 2009 Click Here

8 November 2006
A 6-air cylinder Music box
This wonderful music box was made by Nicole Frères of Geneva in about 1840 Click Here

8 November 2006
Peter Fearnley of Wigan
Here is a nice long case clock by this well known northern maker, made in about 1780, the clock was shabby and not running Click Here

2 July 2006
Micro Laser Welding
Here we see Micro Laser Welding used to repair and conserve the pinions in a nice Norfolk posted frame clock by Peter Boyce of Beccles, made circa 1750 Click Here

11 June 2006
A 30HR marriage clock by Waller of Preston
This is a very nice 30Hr single brass dial marriage clock by John or Thomas Waller of Preston made in about 1720. The clock has not run for many years and is now back in the land of the living. The dial is 10 inches square and has some wonderful cupid riding an eagle spandrels, rare on northern long case clocks. Click Here

11 June 2006
Further news on my Samuel Collier of Eccles
Further work on the movement and dial of the Samuel Collier painted dial long case clock. The dial is now finished and complete with replacement moon disc. The next task is to make a new hour hand and the unusual calendar hand. Click Here

30 April 2006
Some recent clocks
Just a sample of some of the recent clocks through the workshop for repair & service ....Click Here

6 February 2006
The John Harrison Commemoration
At last some recognition for John Harrison, a memorial in Westminster Abbey on 24th March 2006....Click Here

29 December 2005
A recent selection
This is a selection of some recent repair and restoration work, I hope you find it interesting? Click Here

7 October 2005
Samuel Collier of Eccles, What a challenge!
Samuel Collier of Eccles, an early white dial three train long case movement from 1780 as a long term restoration project Click Here

7 October 2005
An English Dial Railway Clock
This clock was made by Winterhalder & Hofmeier in Schwarzenbach, Germany at the turn of the 19th century, one of a batch supplied to the old Midland Railway. Nice to see it running again. Click Here

24 June 2005
George III spring clock by William Goodhall
An unreliable spring table clock working again. Click Here

15 June 2005
A Giant carriage Clock by Richard & Co
This giant carriage clock had been dropped and then poorly repaired, if you would like the full report on this restoration please e-mail me.Click Here

31 May 2005
Posted Frame 30 Hr clock
A nice 10 inch single hand posted frame long case clock movement from circa 1725.Click Here

22 May 2005
A 30 HR clock by Porthouse of Penrith
This clock was made to celebrate the wedding of John & Eleanor Ebdale in circa 1780. Click Here

9 May 2005
The Horrors Of NO Servicing
This 8 day long case clock by Manchester maker James Sandiford shows all the horrors of no service work in 30 years!! Please don't let your clock get in this condition, give me a call. Click Here

9 May 2005
Large Fusee Wall clock
This very unusual clock was made as a marketing initiative for the Manchester and Salford industrialist Sir William Bailey.Click Here

9 May 2005
Japy French marble mantle clock
A sad French marble clock that had been in the same family since 1873.Click Here

8 May 2005
George Jamison 1790
A hoop and spike travelling alarm clock by George Jamison of Posrtsea.Click Here

8 May 2005
Evill & Sons of Bath circa 1785
A small 30 HR longcase clock with alarm feature and damage to the dial.Click Here

8 May 2005
Richard Marshall 1755
A nice 30 Hour Long case clock by Richard Marshall of Wolsingham near Durham, see the pdf for details of the movement restoration project. Click Here